[BHR] Crash Landing!

Review by bgscurtis on Sunday, January 9th 2011
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Sky Eats Airplane is a game created by empoleon

This was emp's first ship game in... a year? When he announce he was creating this doozy of a game I got in on it and became a tester. Yay me. So I helped empoleon with his latest hit and was expecting some pretty cool stuff.

There aren't many capture the flag games and I don't think they will be very common, but emp manages to pull it off very well. With a rather unique intro, we round up most of the flags. It gets repetitive and the only challenge is avoiding the mortars. It was a little fun though.

After the flag collection the real challenge begins. Of course it was designed to be easy and emp puts in some ways to cheat along the way, as it is his custom. The action isn't too difficult if you try hard enough but you can lose a lot of health if you don't bring your... well, it's not hard enough for my A game, so I say if you don't bring your B game, you can lose pretty easily.

All the sequences are pretty fun (probably because it's easy?) and there isn't anything that I've seen in any previous game. And I was surprised that despite the Sky Eats Airplane's ease, it still lasted a good 9 minutes. Empoleon really did a good job when it came to drawing this game out to a good length without being too repetitive (there was some backtracking) and this really impressed me.

The scenery in Sky Eats Airplane is just thuper darling. The colours compliment each other really well and they bring each other out. :) On a more serious note, I love the scenery (which is hard to do with ship) as I believe the background gives the illusion of actually being in the sky, the ice poly giving the impression of clouds. The colours really suited the game.

The problems I have with this game are probably the powerups. They were too plentiful and the game was made too easy IMO. Maybe put more into enemy placement or change the map, because I found myself shooting enemies around corners pretty much most of the way through the game. If this was intentional, I respect that as a lot of members on this site prefer easier games that they can win. Sky Eats Airplane is the antithesis of my game released around the same time, Shell Shock.

Now there are my opinions on the game, but what do the ratings have to say?

Difficulty: ___
Enemy Placement: ___
Powerups: ___
Map: ____
Length: _____
Enjoyment: ____
Puzzles/Challenges: ___
Uniqueness: ____

Overall: 3/5

Suggestions: I can't really suggest much, I enjoyed this game a lot. Maybe up the difficulty for your next game though.

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Sky Eats Airplane Reviewed by bgscurtis on Sunday, January 9th 2011. [BHR] Crash Landing! - A game review written by bgscurtis for the game 'Sky Eats Airplane' by empoleon. Rating: 3