Apollo 1

By blade9 :: Sunday December 19th, 2010


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STORY: ________________________________ Asis, the Sword Lord. Onc, the Beam Lord. Reo, the Father of Asis, and Ops, the Father of Onc. One day, Asis decided to set out on an adventure with Reo. Reo agreed. When they set out for their adventure, they came across a Dojo. Asis and Reo entered the Dojo to practice their skills. "Stop right there!" said a voice. "Huh?!" said Asis. "What was that?!" Said Reo. A mysterious figure swept down from the celing and hit Reo's head. "Who are you and what have you done with Reo?!" Asis said. Ops was the mysterious figure. Then Onc came down. "Reo is unconcious." Onc said. "the only way to get him back is to face the challenge in this dojo called: The Apollo Dojo!" "Unh!" Asis said, and took on the challenge.


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