Snyper: Darkness Rises

By blade9 :: Saturday June 26th, 2010


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You have been tailed for two years. You have had enough. You have been forced to enter this location, because this is the tailer's Fear Location. But, the second you come in, you are locked in and can't go out. This starts to become YOUR Fear Location also. You do a bit of calculations, and there is an exit. You think in your head: "This will be easy". But as you start moving, an alarm goes off. You then discover that you have TWO tailers, not one. And they were your friends! However, the guards saw your friends first, and put you in jail. After that, you make a run for it. All of a sudden, you got transported to another start, which has a VERY high security system: Guards. You discover that te exit is WAY more furter away than it was last time. You panic. Then, A voice said: "Surrender, and you will go back home, but without your friends. They will stay here forever. But, if you do not surrender, you will take on the challenges and if you fail, you be locked up in jail also. But if you succeed, you will go home with your friends, and peace will be restored to your mind". After minutes and minutes of thinking you choose not to surrender. The voice said:"O.K, But now, you will have to face the challenges. This is... the power of the Darkness. You then see a BUNCH of guards. The voice said: "Good Luck".


Tags: stopid

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