The Real Deal

Review by blade9 on Friday, August 13th 2010
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Guardian is a game created by pigro

This game was amazing. I really liked it. Not that many puzzles, though. Too many atomics. Getting far in the game is easy. Unless you destroy an atomic. The design of the game was fantastic. Puzzles were ok. This game is not that difficult.

Some opportunities are in this game as well, such as grabbing the atomics at the right time. This game is good for medium gamers. Too much use of polygon though. Pigro used polygons a lot to make the design of the game and a puzzle. The story was weird. Guardian by pigro is really good.

You have to do the puzzles at the right time and the right movements or you fail and have to restart. That happened to me in the game. I played this a ton of times! I was SO addicted! Pigro could've done better at some points though.


- Fun

- Addictive


- Too many atomics

- Puzzles are easy

- Lag


Difficulty: ___/_____
Addictiveness: _____/_____
Fun: ____/_____
Overall: ____/_____


Guardian Reviewed by blade9 on Friday, August 13th 2010. The Real Deal - A game review written by blade9 for the game 'Guardian' by pigro. Rating: 4