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Review by blade9 on Monday, November 15th 2010
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The Ace Of Diamonds is a game created by theeagle

Blade9's 18th Review

Pre-thoughts: Theeagle's games are average, so not that much to expect from this.


I was right. The Ace Of Diamonds had too many enemies, which caused lag, but the puzzles were good. One room is a boss battle, and it took 5 minutes to befeat the boss because of lag. This game is entirely possible. Kind of hard, good story. Lots of action, this is a big factor in this game. It was actiony! Too much powerups, though.


Lots of action

Good puzzles


Lots of powerups


Too many enemies


Puzzles: ___/_____
Story: ___/_____
Action: ____/_____

Overall: ___/_____


The Ace Of Diamonds was good, a few flaws. Still, there were good parts too. Keep up the good work Theeagle!


The Ace Of Diamonds Reviewed by blade9 on Monday, November 15th 2010. Th3 A(3 ()f Dia//()||Ds - A game review written by blade9 for the game 'The Ace Of Diamonds' by theeagle. Rating: 3