The Official Blossom Games Part 5.

By blossom102938475 :: Friday November 22nd, 2019


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Hi, i honor you the official blossom games, that girl on level 2 has a first day of school so the little girls name is Joe Mascut, and her mom is named Regger Peppers. She goes out shopping for school supplies and checks out and leaves the store, on Level 7. It's Windows again from Part 4, when Joe Mascut goes home, she just plays on the computer. He opens Facebook but cannot load and gets an error. And Windows have to fix app problems so he decided to open it by browser, but Google Chrome always glitches the screen so she uses Firefox because firefox does not glitch, the problem happened last time on YouTube, but the other time, it was able to load successfully, he does it by browser and when she has an app error on Facebook. It takes so long to fix the problems so it took about 30 to 40 seconds to fix problems. Why does this always happen? Facebook cannot load, youtube cant load. So the little girl got upset that she cant watch a video and check her Facebook account. Hey, if you like with Facebook, let me know in the comments and tell me what game you liked with Facebook to claim your award. Hope you enjoy the game, let me know what you think. Please vote this a 5 star.


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