[BDR] I Need To Survive!

Review by bluedeathray on Tuesday, November 1st 2011
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Survival is a game created by sack

Hi BlueDeathRay back with my first new review. I will be reviewing Survival by Sack. Sack is a good friend, good game player, and an excellent game creator. Sack has been my friend for so long, pretty much ever since I joined Sploder. I wanted to review Sack's game because we have quite a history.


I had a lot of concerns about this game. For one thing, this game didn't have as much views as Sack's other games. Another one is that from the comments it said that a lot of people beat this game so I thought there would be no challenge. I thought long and hard about reviewing this game. But, then I saw Lordeldar already reviewed this game so I decided to review it. I like it when other reviewers review the games I review so after I write my review I can look at what other reviewers said about the game. I also looked at the thumbnail and it looked really good. I look at the comments before I review or even play the game to see what other people think and most of the comments were that the game was "awesome" and "epic" so it got me even more excited to review this game. I was expecting a hard, fun, and detailed game. I was a little doubtful if Sack could fulfill what I was looking for.


The thumbnail looked like I was in a swamp full of mutants. I knew this would probably capture the crystals game so I got myself ready. I love the crystal games. I like getting the crystals. It makes me feel like I've earned something. The picture was great, the game sounds great, and I was really excited to play it. I readied myself, and went to the mutant, swampy war.


First of all, Sack has an amazing story that goes with his game: "Your parents have abandoned you in the middle of no-where. You have no place to stay, in the cold, wet, damp and dry forest you must learn to survive..." Something cool is that this game is pretty hard, but doesn't have a difficulty setting. If you don't believe me go take a look for yourself. That was hilarious and it made me laugh out loud. The game had an amazing background, There was just enough enemies to make me not bored of the game, the block placement was amazing, he put sand blocks in just the right places, he put power ups just where they needed to be and put lava and crushers in the right spots. This game was amazing.

Okay, so the background was amazing. It had a dark green to it with a hint of brown, just how I imagined a swamp or damp forest would be. It was depressing and full of sorrow, which is what I think Sack tried to make you feel. I wanted to destroy the mutants so badly that's how the background felt to me. The background terrified me and made me want to play this game even more. I loved this game's background so much that I am going to ask what number tile this block is so I could use this tile. I am going to officially make a game like this with that block that's how much I liked this background. I don't know how to explain how good this tile is but if I had to name it in one word it would be awesome.

The block placement is amazing. The stairs are placed next to mutants so every time you go up the stairs to a new level is always a new fight. He puts some things to your advantage like lava for the mutants to be pushed or fall into but he also makes things to your disadvantage like hidden laser beams behind sand blocks that are amazing. It was cool because the energy beam doesn't affect the sand blocks so they are hidden perfectly. He has the potential to be the best game maker in all of Sploder and that's saying something because a lot of people agree with me. The Cl0sers are amazing too. I was walking on the blocks when Woah! The cl0sers started cl0sing and I made it just in time. It makes you think fast to yourself what to do and I like that kind of stuff. This game is amazing and I'm glad I reviewed it.

This is an amazing game. A lot of people can come up with really good idea but only very few can export that idea and make awesome ideas that go along with the story like story-related glitches or make creatures pose as creatures that are related to your story. A lot of people change their story instead of their game when the story was better before they changed it. I like that Sack doesn't think that way. So if we don't have zombies. Mutant 1 looks like a zombie. So you have to be able to show compromise which Sack obviously has shown.

The enemies were amazing and the enemies were all the same. That was a downside. He only used mutants and that's all. I imagined some bats or something to give the game a difference from other swampy games. I was kind of disappointed when I only saw mutants but still it was a fantastic game and a game worth featuring (if it hasn't been already). The game's enemies were tough to defeat because you had to fight them in a confined space so you couldn't jump on their heads to make them confused. That stunk because if you could you could use the lava more to your advantage. The enemy placement was amazing but next time I hope there are a variety of enemies. The enemies give you near-death experiences and are really cool and scary.

The power ups were a great aspect of this game. The power ups were like extra lives and check points. The check points were usually nearby an extra life so he obviously knows how to use a check point. The Check points are placed where they are needed. That's all. He didn't put check points every 3 steps in the game, which I've seen other people do before. The power ups were amazing and saved me from death. He has successfully made a game that's feature worthy and has made me have a better respect for him. I would now kill to be in collaboration with him. My games are great but his are amazing and it would be awesome to learn from the best.

Mazes and traps are fun, and he had the best. The mazes were fun. The game was all over the place and I like it that way. It was cool and awesome. There were only 2 different types of traps. One was cl0sers traps. The cl0sers were linked to invisible switches all over the place. The other one was the crushers. There were crushers all over the place. He placed them strategically so that when the crusher fully retracts you won't see the crusher at all. The traps were scarce and I wish there were more. Change that and it will definitely have a feature worthy game.


Story: ____ / _____
Enemy Placement: ____ / _____
Mazes: _____ / _____
Traps: ___.5 / _____
Power up placement: _____ / _____
Background: _____ / _____
Block Placement: ____.5 / _____
Overall: ____.5 / _____

Conclusion: In conclusion, I would have to say that this game is in fact feature worthy. It barley makes it across the line but its feature worthy. I recommend this game to everyone that wants to have a challenge and overall wants to have fun! This game has it all. He has an amazing story, and an amazing game.

-This has been a BlueDeathRay review-


Survival Reviewed by bluedeathray on Tuesday, November 1st 2011. [BDR] I Need To Survive! - A game review written by bluedeathray for the game 'Survival' by sack. Rating: 4