2010 Blood Battle Game Off

By blueliberty :: Friday June 11th, 2010


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Hi everyone it’s Blueliberty I got news. Ok one of my best friends on sploder called Ladiesman627 is one of the best art game makers I’ve ever seen. Most of you probably know him because of his art games like Mrs. Ritt, Megan Fox, and POP Lipstick and his 2739 viewed awesome plat- former, Insane Thor Puzzle. Now I am challenging him to what I call my first annual BLOOD BATTLE GAME OFF!!!!!!!!!!! Every year I challenge a different gamer (This year it’s Ladiesman) to make a game that in the description has 10 of their best games! Then another gamer (this year it’s me! YAYYYY!) Will make the same game only with THEIR top 10 best games. Once both gamers post their games, it’s up to the viewer to vote which games they don’t like. Whoever gets the LEAST comments wins! This must happen for both gamers then it’s a gamer vs. gamer war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first gamers’ game that won has to fight the second gamers’ game that won and the viewers comment and say what game is better! The splode has to make a tribute to the winner and it must be a gooooood one and if it’s not, they must redo it. You have until June 18th (THAT’S NEXT WEEK!) to post your game list. Are you ready dude? ARE YOU READY!!!!!????? Oh ya and PRESS SHIFT! PS Hope this was a good Sploder anniversary present for you Ladiesman627, HAPPY 1 YEAR SPLODER ANNIVERSARY! WOOOOOOOOOOO!


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