A Rap

By blueliberty :: Thursday August 25th, 2011


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You wanna see what I got? Okay: To put in words what I feel about this girl, I look at her face and I hurl! I step up on the mic to rap, she's front row! And I'm sweatin' buckets by the time the coach yells go! Set fire to the ground! And the guys who are around! Cause she is so mine, one of a kind! Any other rapper sing love raps about my women, I'll be like a kanye to taylor swift as she's winnin'! Imma let you finish in a minute! But can you just rap? I can also sing it! When I unleash a verse from a box like a fox, I'm a Dr. Seuss, you're loose! From your cage, panda on rampage! And that's how everyone reacts when I hit the stage! Let's go! Hey girl, you're cute. I'll hit a hater with a boot. How do you feel? Are we real? Word. Was that good?


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