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By blueliberty :: Sunday June 19th, 2011


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I CAN CREATE ROBOTS 5 OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: July 4th 2011! I CAN CREATE ROBOTS 6 OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: August 10th 2011! That will be the last in the series but I will be making some mini games based off of the games. Also, I might be restarting my old old series: LOVE vs. HATE. Newer members on sploder probably don;t rememeber it but, it was kinda a n00b series and I want to make it better. So ya! Also, expect a few contests from me in the next few weeks. So ya! And due to popular request, I am making a new Family Guy game as a sequel to my: Stewie. So who should it be? Quagmire, Peter, or Brian. Comment and tell me! So ya, ADIOS and HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!


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