RE: Walrusman Throne Battle

By blueliberty :: Wednesday July 29th, 2009


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Ok, Happyjack882 made a game called the battle for walrus man’s throne and he’s having a challenge to see who will be the new king of art, but I’m having one to that’s determining who will be the art queen (don’t be insulted but even boys have to be queens L sorry if any feelings where hurt). 1st place will become queen and second place will become the squire. Here’s how mine goes: starting on August 2, 2009 until August 23, 2009 every Sunday I will make a game called Sunday every week and if you want to make a game for the queen contest your game must be called RE: Sunday. If it’s on the second Sunday it will be called, RE: Sunday 2. So it will go on for four Sundays and remember on August 23, 2009 the art queen will be selected.


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