Review Of Two Reviews

By blueliberty :: Sunday July 25th, 2010


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Ok, Whtever is a very popular and high ranked person on sploder. Most of us know that. And he’s on the forums and he can write reviews of games. Right? One of his reviews that stands out to me is his review of Icegirl237’s “Underground Maze Adventure“. If you go to my page and look at my favorite games panel you’ll see it. Fun game. Fairly easy. I really like it. Underground Maze Adventure was nominated for a contest and it won. It was also featured. So just to get down to the point, a lot of people like it. As I see sploder there are two kinds of people. 50 percent of sploder members like fun plat former games. The other 5O percent like hard, took a week to make, shooter, puzzle, art games (EG. The Protraction Series). Now, I’m the first 5O percent. The plat former type. Whtever seems to be the other 5O percent. You can clearly tell as the review states: “ I don't know what had gotten into Omega when reviewing this game. Maybe it's because icegirl237 was his ‘online girlfriend.’ But, this game has nothing to speak so highly about. This game isn't even a maze, it's just one-way two dimensional spiral, with repetitive enemies in each level. Nothing was added to enhance the experience of killing the enemies, the enemies were not specially placed; they were placed in the exact same place every time. There were no puzzles either. And the scenery was only to scoff at. There's noting in the game worth rating except overall, which I give a 2/10. This game was never feature worthy, and I'm sorry for all of those people that wasted 2 minutes of their lives playing this.” Why even review a game if you’re gonna say “ This Isn’t Even A Good Game” (I’M TALKING TO YOU ZAS04!) Well Whtever and Zas, Icegirl spent a long time making this probably and this game doesn’t deserve to be ragged on about how “it’s Boring” or “Enemy placement was stupid!”. I don’t know what’s so special about Protraction games! I never have the patience to try and play those. I like fun, fast paced, somewhat easy, plat formers. So Whtever and Zas04, I don’t know why YOU wasted your time writing these reviews. Sorry Icegirl.


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