Sceptile D.O.A.L Tribute

By blueliberty :: Friday August 26th, 2011


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Sceptile! Keep your head up! If there’s haters, there are greaters, get it goin’ on! You felt like you were only a small gold nugget in the pan, but you are the only one that can! The haters don’t know nothing! Your games were really something! Stewie Griffin, Reshiram, Arceus, 1,000,000 oreos, bowling, now you rollin’! Imma hit you with a ryhme if I got the time! Show yall haters social studies, cause his games will go down in history! I bet If I left, no one would miss me! But I really hope you know that our thoughts are in regret of hatin’ you were on a rampage! When you on stage! Flippin’ Pokemon cards, into a hater’s nards! Arceus, I choose you! Go and go to McDonalds, Show a hater who’s the big mac! This is sponsored by Blueliberty games! I’ll name no names! Don’t hate my page! Look at the wall with your rage! But I hope it don’t bounce off and hit Sceptile in the face! When he’s spending his gold that him and 2139 fans cut themselves! Ever wonder what’s down the toilet? Hater I’ll show ya. Hope you enjoy it! Put em up for Family guy pyshics! ANGRY BIRDS IS THE WORD! You’ll carry on Sceptile, you and Geoff had it good! This yo hood! Put it down! Let these haters know this yo town! Hit them with a sling shot and an angry bird! Please come back sceptile, or our hearts will be broken. Word. And to everyone that hated on Sceptile and made him leave, I hope you enjoy this. You got what you wanted. You can s u c k it


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