Creeper Defense

By bogeyman10 :: Thursday October 11th, 2012


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Welcome to the Minecraft survival game where you kill incoming creepers and zombies. In the first level, you cannot drag creepers or zombies but can hit them with short swipes from your sword. If you try to hit the creepers too hard, the sword may break. You can build defensive walls with your green and red blocks. Be prepared for level 2 which is considerably harder, of which you are gifted the power of dragging the creatures. They are quite fragile. This level is a game of reactions and skill with the mouse. Your sword is your only defence, and if a creeper or zombie runs into it, then it will most likely break. If you complete Level 2, well done. Level 3 is the same thing, but harder, however you have more defensive structures protecting you. Congratulations if you have done Level 3, so just have fun in Level 4!


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