Shadow Fighter 4

By bolsillos :: Saturday September 13th, 2014


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This game takes place 20 years after Shadow Fighter 3.The following is the tellings of Shadow Fighter The Second. WARNING!!!!! THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!! For Level 1: I am the son of The Shadow Fighter. I am The Shadow Fighter The Second. I live by myself nowhere close to anyone. My father and I built my house. Sadly,my father has passed. My father taught me everything he knew. I wake up and I go through a usual day. For Level Two: I hear sounds. I look out a window. I see many ninjas. I snse that they are here to kill me. I enter Shadow Mode. The only people who know how to do Shadow Mode are my father and I. I grab my big sword, shield, and put on my armor. I exit my house and kill all the ninja. I find a note that says, "After you have killed The Shadow Fighter The Second, go to the hideout." I wonder why these ninja came to kill me. I also wonder how these ninja found me. For Level Three: I get in my jeep and drive, looking for the hideout. I see a lot of thugs heading west, so I follow them. I see a building. The thigs notice me and I defend myself. Eventually I kill all of the thugs. For Level Four: I enter the hideout and I find many thugs and ninja. The thugs and ninja attack me and I kill them. I find a note that says, "In the morning go to the other side of The Bats' Cave to receive your money for killing The Shadow Fighter The Second." This answers why those ninja came to kill me. But this also causes me to have two new questions. Who hired the ninjas to kill me and why did that person or people hire those ninja to kill me. I decide to go to the other side of The Bats' Cave and wait until morning comes for the person or people to come. Toilet graphic by stickdude1234567. Bed graphic by dragonock. Shower graohic by dhar. Table parts graphics by theromen123. Water bottle graphic, plum graphic,tomato graphic, and carrot graphic by scorpiolove86. Apple graphic by timwelch. refrigerator graphic by mrtuxthepenguin. Banana graphic, cherry graphic, orange graphic, and lemon graphic by tedbinic. Bucket with water graphic by pewdiekids1. Green pipe (hotdog style) graphic by limebackwards. Sink graphic by hollydiggs.


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