Trapped In A Chamber

Review by boredgame on Monday, October 31st 2011
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Trap chambers is a game created by filiptokic

In case you haven't noticed, this is boredgame and my second review will be on "Trap chambers".


Trap chambers is a game made by filiptokic. Filiptokic isn't very well known but he's one of my close friends here on sploder. I don't know much about the games he makes so expectations aren't sky high but neither are they low. I can't expect anything but surprises from this game. All I can say about the thumbnail is, "PURPLE ZOMG!!". But seriously, all I can see aside from your character, is purple, one life and a mouse gun. Even now, I have no idea what this game contains aside from a chamber of traps, as stated in the title.


As I've stated, I have no expectations for this game so I was surprised at how amused I was at playing this. In this game, you can't just charge your enemies; you need to think it through and move at a cautious pace. This game stayed true to its name; everywhere you go, there is at least one trap and it would've been harder to cope if the radar didn't exist. There wasn't any story line but the goal of this game is clear; dodge all the traps and collect the crystals hidden somewhere within the purple scenery.

Some of the traps here were just reused while some were just copies from other games but I can say there are some original traps; at least they seemed new. But nonetheless, these traps aren't the kinds that you'd foresee so easily. Once you get passed a trap, you feel a sense of relief but advancing just a little bit more you find yourself in another sticky situation. These type of games don't come around often so I enjoyed the challenge of this game. There were switches that seem to help you but once activated, there's no turning back; this trap was my favorite. Its unexpected but it definitely adds to the challenge of the game. This aspect was very well made however, more levels would have been better and a story line could have helped to enhance the game.

The placement in this game is almost perfect as I see it. You were given an extra life and a mouse gun at the start of the game but after those, nothing else will be given to you but that was enough to keep you alive for the rest of the game. The enemies were placed very well, there were only a few but they do a lot of damage on your life as you further advance. The blocks and hazards were very strategically placed that making one mistake would be tough to surpass. The traps were very well-placed and I enjoyed that bit especially because you can't just rush into things if you want to finish this game.

The design is simple but it didn't seem to bother me since I was far too focused on the real game. I'd say the design is okay; the simplicity of the design was actually good since you'd need to focus more but a few decorations couldn't hurt as well as long as you don't overdo it.

Addictive? My answer is yes. This is because the game is not too easy but it isn't impossible either. I've enjoyed playing this but it should have more levels that are just as good.


Creativity: ___/_____

The traps were very creative and the concept had some originality but the overall design was too plain.

Placement: ____/_____

This was almost perfect although I found a few flaws in the placement.

Addictiveness: ____/_____

Difficulty: ____/_____

Overall: ___.75/_____


To further conclude, this game has definitely surprised me and given me a treat. Although I would have wanted more levels, this game was definitely a great game. The placement was very good as well; it wasn't perfect but it was nearly there. I enjoyed playing Trap chambers and filiptokic has definitely done a great job on the traps and if it weren't for the radar, I may not have finished this.

Feature Worthy

My answer would be no. This game is very good as I said but Trap chambers still needs a bit more editing and at least 2-3 more levels to get there. Filiptokic has done a good job and I look forward to more and hopefully better games from this creator.


Trap chambers Reviewed by boredgame on Monday, October 31st 2011. Trapped In A Chamber - A game review written by boredgame for the game 'Trap chambers' by filiptokic. Rating: 3