The Dungeon

Review by boredgame on Monday, November 7th 2011
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The Dungeon is a game created by sceptile27514


Today I will be reviewing a 3D Mission game entitled "The Dungeon" by a sceptile27514. I know this guy from the forums but I've never played any of his games before this so I had no expectations for this.


I'm not much of a fan of the Algorithm Crew (3D Mission.. whatever) but I decided to give this game a try. From the thumbnail, I can't describe much; all that is visible is acid and a few enemies. The appearance of the acid gave me an idea that this may be a trap-filled game. Looking at the title, the only idea I can think of is that this is dungeon-related. So far, I don't expect too much from this game but we'll just have to see what this game contains.


The goal of the game was to blow up a reactor; though I didn't get to finish this game, as I lost my teammate in the middle of the game I believe I've gotten far enough to review this. At the start of the game, you are in a room and you have a choice whether or not to pass through the acid to get the gun and see the map or to just pass through it. Choosing either of them wouldn't make much of a difference. Going further, I noticed how much puzzle doors you have to go through to pass the levels; I enjoyed that part but once you get the hang of it, its not so hard.

The gameplay was good. It had some puzzles and there was also a good amount of action. I can't say its perfect as some of the puzzles lacked difficulty and some enemies just die without trying. There were a couple of levels that I didn't enjoy so much as they didn't pose a challenge; hence I got through them easily. The game was fairly addictive but I don't think I'd enjoy playing this over and over. I enjoyed escaping the enemies and solving the puzzles but there were some things that lowered my opinion on this aspect.

I didn't like the placement at all. Most times there were either too little or too much of something. The traps weren't so good as sometimes the enemies are the ones who end up getting killed and not the other way around. There were a few levels where there wasn't enough enemies to provide a challenge while in others there were just too much to handle at once. I've also noticed some doors that were just incorrectly placed making the whole level much easier. To sum it up, the placement was the worst part of this game and this has greatly affected the overall gameplay.

The scenery wasn't too impressive but I've seen some effort in making this. I didn't focus on this part of the game since I was busy dodging enemies and solving puzzle sequences. There were some parts in the scenery which I liked; it doesn't get boring, as it changes every now and then but these changes are very subtle so they don't distract you.


Gameplay: ___.5/_____

Addictiveness: ___/_____

Placement: __/_____

Scenery: __/_____

Overall: __.6/_____


The Dungeon is a decent game though it lacks good placement and for some reason, my partner glitched at some point in the game. I enjoyed playing the game but it would be better if the placement was to be improved. To answer the question whether or not the game is feature-worthy, I'd say no. Sceptile27514 just needs to work on his placement and The Dungeon would be on the right path.


The Dungeon Reviewed by boredgame on Monday, November 7th 2011. The Dungeon - A game review written by boredgame for the game 'The Dungeon' by sceptile27514. Rating: 2