My Rectangle Is Under Attack!!

Review by boredgame on Friday, November 11th 2011
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Defend the Rectangle is a game created by paradon


Ohai, you know me so an introduction isn't necessary. I'm here to review a game called "Defend the Rectangle" by paradon. If you have no idea who paradon is, give yourself a slap on the face. If you did that, give yourself another slap; trust me, its for the best. You really wanna know who this "paradon" is? Well, he is a Moderator, Editor and Reviewer here on sploder. Another thing to add: he has 25 featured games so far.


By the creator itself, I have pretty high expectations on this game. Looking at the thumbnail, the game looks pretty basic; not much to look at. The title makes me curious, what kind of game would be "Protect the Rectangle"? I'm thinking its a game that requires a lot of enemy dodging. At this point, my expectations are high.


My expectations didn't fail me; Defend the Rectangle has proven itself an original and very well thought out game. Strangely, I've tried making a game almost exactly like this. It was never published but I'm sure I had that idea way earlier than paradon. It doesn't matter; I'm talking about paradon's game now; my game is long gone.

The overall gameplay of Defend the Rectangle was excellent. The moment I started to play the game, I can already picture how this game will turn out - dangerously hard. Your goal is to defend a small black rectangle from all of those things shooting at you until the time runs out. I enjoyed playing the game and blocking out all bullets to save my rectangle. I also enjoyed the way paradon was able to create a game with an original concept that didn't get old throughout the nine-level span. The key to this is timing, once you get that right, everything follows smoothly. It may sound like a piece of cake but even if you do get the timing, chances are the cake is a lie.

As I mentioned earlier, this game is original; as far as I know, there isn't a game like this. Playing the first level, I wondered how paradon could make this game great without it getting boring. Apparently, paradon thought ahead. The concept is very good; it changes from time to time making the game less dull than I expected. The only suggestion I could give for this would be an original storyline to match the original concept.

To be addictive or not to be addictive, that is the question. The answer, both. At first, I got tired of this game but once I got further, I doubt my opinion. There are certain points when I lose interest and quit but on most times, I'd keep playing the game.

The scenery isn't much of a huge aspect in this game; all it contained was a gradient background but it was good. The background was simple and matched the gameplay. The background isn't distracting but it compliments the game very well and it doesn't get old as it changes every level. Overall, paradon has done a good job on the scenery.


Gameplay: _____/_____
Originality: _____/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Scenery: _____/_____

Overall: ____.5/_____


Defend the Rectangle is an amazing game with an original concept. It can get dull at times but those instances come rarely. I enjoyed playing this game as paradon has made a very unique and creative game. This game is [if not perfect] close to perfection. Paradon, you've done a great job; this might be your next feature.


Defend the Rectangle Reviewed by boredgame on Friday, November 11th 2011. My Rectangle Is Under Attack!! - A game review written by boredgame for the game 'Defend the Rectangle' by paradon. Rating: 4