Spy Motive: Defeat The Scientist

Review by boredgame on Thursday, March 8th 2012
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Spy motives. is a game created by yugioh77

Hello reader, this will be a review on the game, Spy Motives, made by a close friend of mine, Yugioh77. Yugioh’s name isn’t alien to most of us on Sploder as he is easily one of the top members at the moment. He just recently had his game, Crator featured, and now Spy Motives was given the same honor. Why I picked this game is not because I am a friend of its creator, but because this game is creatively built and was carefully pieced together. This game is filled with fast paced and quick thinking puzzles and traps where you have to carefully manoeuvre your blockhead away from all those things that could mean death, and not to mention having to go back to the very start despite all your effort.


The game starts out as a training exercise for you, a young blockhead spy, who will be tasked to take on a mission to prevent a mad scientist’s little-known plans from taking effect. It may have just been the start, but that start will not let you by easily either as you cannot bear to stay idle for long. The moment I saw the game, I was literally dazzled at how the level was designed. The storyline that introduced the game was, unlike most, given at the end of the first level. It was a rather cliché story as I have seen a number of similar stories going around being used in other games, but it was a good effort from the crator [yeah, crator] to have made the story match everything overall.

Further into the game, you are faced with even more traps that could put all your hard work to waste [yay]. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having to dodge those traps and get past the enemies; it was quite fun actually. Quick thinking and analytic skills are just some things you’d need to find your way to the next level. The game overall was tricky and challenging; each level increases in difficulty as you get cbleep to your goal. The game is definitely packed with puzzle; as I advanced further, I found myself faced with confusion as I questioned every more I made just in case it was just meant to trap me. There were a lot of puzzles in the game that were new to me that mystified me on what I should do to get out of the situation.

The design of the Spy Motives is very eye-catching [which is why I only have an eye left..] and goes very well with the theme of Spy Motives. When I first played the game I was instantly amazed at how creatively the levels were put together in terms of design. I like how Yugioh was able to have only minimal lag and keep the scenery very neat and organized.

The way the health and power-ups were placed was done very well. There weren’t too much in one area, and you really have to watch your health carefully as they power-ups aren’t always there to help. I may have needed some cookies along the way, but it’s not much of a problem that I encountered. The block placement was a careful effort as well; I could see how the creator made sure that everything was where it should be. The traps and other hazards meant to confuse you a bit have the best placement in my opinion; it’s tricky not to get stuck in them. Because of those traps, I’ve had to refresh the game multiple times. The enemies, I found a bit too much though as there are times where they don’t seem to be contributing anything whatsoever for the game.

I don’t usually add pros and cons to my reviews, but here I’ll make an exception. :)


-Impressive design that stands out from most Plats.

-Addictive gameplay: Die, refresh, trapped, refresh, trapped again, refresh, NEXT LEVEL, die again, refresh.. and the cycle goes on.

-Creative traps and puzzles nearly everywhere you go.

-Good overall placement.

-Minimal to zero lag. (Yay!)


-There were a bit too much enemies at some points.


Gameplay: _____/_____
Originality: ____.5/_____
Addictiveness: ____.5/_____
Design: _____/_____
Placement: _____/_____

Overall: ____.6/_____


To sum it up, Spy Motives is a strategically designed action-puzzle game that I definitely enjoyed playing. I would request to feature this, but seeing as the game has already been featured, there is no need for that. I especially enjoyed the effort that the creator exerted to make sure that there are no loopholes in the game. With eye-catching design, good placement, new concepts and interesting gameplay, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t featured. Despite a minor problem, I truly had fun playing the game as I tried to get past the puzzles and traps that were presented in Spy Motives.


Spy motives. Reviewed by boredgame on Thursday, March 8th 2012. Spy Motive: Defeat The Scientist - A game review written by boredgame for the game 'Spy motives.' by yugioh77. Rating: 4