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Review by boredgame on Monday, March 26th 2012
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Egypt is a game created by rus3000

After what seems to me like years, I'm finally writing another review. [yay] I may have been exaggerating on the 'years' part, but it has been a while. Anyway, the game I will be reviewing was taken from the BHR queue. A game by one of my friends, Rus, or as he prefers to be called, Click-Clock. If you look to the left of this text, you will notice the thumbnail of the game with its name just underneath, and it says.. [insert whatever's written there here]. This game, Egypt, has been sitting in the queue for a while, and I think it's about time I give it a proper review.


Because this came from the queue, I don't have much expectations on the game. I haven't played anything by Click-Clock, so I will just have to wait and see what this game brings.

While I waited for the game to load, I scrolled down to the comments. He's gotten all positive feedback from what I saw. I don't know if I'll like Egypt as much as they do, but it has given me a higher expectation for the game.

In the following paragraph, I will be giving my brutally honest opinion on this game. This is also the part where all you'll probably be reading is "The game was bla bla bla. But there was a bla bla bla..." then you'd think to skip to the ratings and conclusion. Oh well.


When I first play, I don't exactly see why the game is called 'Egypt.' Looking around at the game, I didn't exactly find much that resemble the place much. If you think Egypt, or at least if I think of the word, I think of pyramids [ooh!], the sphinx [ahh!], deserts [ooh la l-- no wait], and stuff like that. What I saw were turrets, cl0sers, and rather random backgrounds that seem unnecessary to whatever theme its creator was trying to set with the title 'Egypt.' I noticed a bit of a storyline in the game... Right, I was writing a review... The storyline was alright, but it didn't seem to fit completely despite the fact that it did have that Egyptian theme. Somehow it didn't really work out for most of the game.

Moving on.. The gameplay wasn't the best. In my opinion, if the layout of the game were to be fixed up and a bit more organized, Egypt would receive better marks. But the way it is currently, I have to say that it's not exactly the most fun game that you'd want to play it over and over. To be honest, it was more on the boring side. Though I like how he uses various techniques on certain parts of the game; he's done a good job there. Well, despite that, I've encountered some problems in the overall game that greatly affected the gameplay, and I assume that it is caused by not-so-good placement that I will discuss down there. vv

I've mentioned earlier that there were a lot of things that seemed to have been placed randomly and rather thoughtlessly, to be brutally honest. I couldn't see much of a pattern if that was what Ru- Click-Clock meant to do for this game. I did not like how the creator placed most of the items in the game; often times, his placement became a bit too rdonam. There were times when the game seemed to have too much enemies and times where Egypt did lack some action. I also found there were too much lives that were unnecessary to the game; a few cookies (::) (::) (:.) or health packs would've been more applicable imo.

Honestly, I disliked how the creator added some particular tiles on certain areas. To me, they seemed quite pointless as I found a few shortcuts to get past certain parts through those tiles which reduced most of the difficulty.

Although most of the placement didn't go too well, Click-Clock did manage to get a few of them right [yayz].. But they weren't perfect and were overshadowed by the multiple flaws that I've found to be given much notice.

Onto the scenery.. The design wasn't much. It seemed more random than it was meant to be. The scenery was alright in a way, but I can't say that it's good (neither was it bad tho). If it were to be a bit more organized, the game would have a better appearance.


Gameplay: __/_____
Originality: __/_____
Addictiveness: _/_____
Placement: _/_____
Design: __/_____

Overall: _.6/_____


By now, it probably seems that I'm criticizing this game more than I should, but then again, this is BHR and I have to be 'brutally honest' on my opinions. Click-Clock seemed to have given a good amount of effort to put Egypt together, but I must admit, this isn't his best game. The little positives of this game have not made up for the cons that I've seen around. In conclusion, this isn't a great game, but I can say that this game still has much room for improvement.

This has been a Brutal Review, where the Truth has been revealed.


Egypt Reviewed by boredgame on Monday, March 26th 2012. [BHR] Egypt - A game review written by boredgame for the game 'Egypt' by rus3000. Rating: 1