I Guess I Wasn't Built To Be A Traffic Police..

Review by boredgame on Thursday, May 3rd 2012
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Traffic Control is a game created by mat7772

Hi. Today I decided to review a game, duh. Anyway, putting the obvious aside, this game has caught my attention, and a lot of my time, not to mention. Was it worth my time though? Probably not considering I still haven't beaten the game.. Mat, you owe me one. Well, Traffic Control surely is a new concept. Was it good though? Most likely; new concepts are often good occurrences when used properly. Traffic Control is one to take up a lot of your time, especially if you're earning for that prized platinum award. ;)


Mat has quite a number of features that I most likely cannot match. I've played some of them, and I can say he's a talented game maker. He tells me that he's not very good at PPGs, but his previous game, Smash it, says otherwise.

The thumbnail isn't too inviting, as I can't make out much from various colored squares, circles and stuff. I just hope the game makes up for this factor. What got me to really play was the description. If you read it, you will see that Mat is giving a platinum award to the first three who finish it. That definitely got me hyped up to play though. I mean, how hard could it be? (Apparently I was mistaken. Read on for more.)

So.. Ready with my shiny red whistle and my traffic police vest, I clicked the button allowing me to start the game with high hopes of succeeding this job of controlling the traffic. I'm kidding; my whistle's blue.


The game starts off simple: get 10 of the red blocks/cars to cross the road by reaching the circle on the other end and avoid colliding with the black ones. Easy. As you progress, it gets more and more difficult as more blocks with different speeds are added. Basically, the goal of the game is to make sure a certain number of cars cross the road safely by controlling their 'gates'. It may seem really simple at first, but who knew being a traffic police could be so frustrating? I'm pretty sure if those 'cars' had drivers, they'd be yelling at me and honking their horns at me for doing such a lousy job. I guess I wasn't built to be a traffic police after all..

When I cross the street, I'm never afraid that I'll get hit by a car because I know that it won't happen. I'm telling you though, if I were the one in charge of the traffic, you would rather just lock yourself up never to see the outside world again. Wouldn't that be fun? Anyway, Mat has done a good job at making the gameplay increase in difficulty every time. You really have to time it right and be really observant of your gates if you want to get those blocks across safely. The only downside to this was that it's very repetitive. Although Mat presents each level with a new obstacle, it's still the same thing, just more challenging. To be honest, that kind of thing can get old fast. That is if you weren't aiming to finish it. Yes, I know you want that platinum award too. Despite how fun and addicting it was to me, this game would easily get boring as it's the same thing for each level.

Let me tell you this: One does not simply take his eyes off this game. If you do, u ded. Mat has done greatly to make sure that you wouldn't find an easy way out while still making the game possible. The placement was perfect. At one point, I thought I could just sit there and watch as I win this game, but Mat thought ahead and made sure I would have to look like a fool and yell at my computer for one careless move. You really have to keep an eye on each of the gates because if you aren't careful, you're gonna lose. I was like 99% finished with this game.. then I lost. I found one problem that may have contributed to my downfall, but this one can't be avoided, and I don't blame Mat for that even though I want to just so I'd feel better about myself.

I was supposed to think of a good opening for this paragraph, but my mind cannot be bothered to think of a better one than this, so bear with it. The design of Traffic Control was simple: a blue background, grey walls and the colored blocks plus their gates and circles. It's not exactly eye catching, but I guess it's okay. Nothing much to say here, but I just wish Mat would use some more creativity for this aspect. Design may not be the biggest part of a game, but it helps. Mat, I know this isn't your strongest point, and I also know that controlling the flow of traffic isn't for me either, but we'll work on those, 'kay?


Gameplay: ___.5/_____

- Overall quite fun, but it tends to get boring and repetitive.

Originality: _____/_____

- I've never seen a concept like this used before.

Addictiveness: ___.5/_____

- I, for one, was really addicted to this, but of course there were those times when a butterfly passes by and I completely forget I was playing. Oh I mean, there are a few instances where it gets quite dull.

Placement: _____/_____

- Perfect, 'nuff said.

Design: __/_____

- It was nothing special, honestly.

Overall: ___.8/_____


In conclusion, never make me a traffic poli-- I mean, Mat has done a pretty good job at Traffic Control, but not enough for a feature, I must say. I would've liked it more if he used this concept in more than one way within the seven levels of this game. That would've really improved as it was, for me, the only thing stopping me from featuring this game. However, I really enjoyed playing this despite the few cons. Overall though this game had amazing placement, original concept, good gameplay, and simple design. Nice work, Mat.

On a completely irrelevant note, I just realized that I've been talking to myself in this whole review. Being a reviewer's crazy work, kids. Like right now, I.. Never mind.


Traffic Control Reviewed by boredgame on Thursday, May 3rd 2012. I Guess I Wasn't Built To Be A Traffic Police.. - A game review written by boredgame for the game 'Traffic Control' by mat7772. Rating: 3