SploderWorth Academy

By capper3 :: Friday November 8th, 2013


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A boy one day finds out, that he has to take an education, he decides to take it at SploderWorth Academy, But first he has to get there, he finds alot of challenging things on the way. when he finally arrives, some students have some tasks for him, he also has to attend some lessons, even that isn't what he thought, he then one day have to go to a camp and sleep there, but finds out the teacher divided the school into groups, some has to sleep at Grayball Academy. When he then returns to SploderWorth Academy, everything had gone from bad to worse, the biggest fire of the world was burning down the school, but why? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This game was inspired by RockstarGames Bully, which i can highly recommend to everyone that loves free roaming games and awesome story lines!


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