Christmas Game

By captain1234 :: Tuesday December 29th, 2015


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Well this is the 3rd game I will upload for the time being as I said if you plat my arcade games well the game is about my friends having a party at my house and bad people took our presents and they went away and we came back to find no presents under the tree so me and my friend use force to go and get our presents back and we have a party in the end and now if you do not want animals to get killed. DON'T PLAY THE GAME IF YOU DON'T WANT CATS GETTING HURT THEN DON'T PLAY GAME. I WARN YOU THE ARE SOME THING CAT LOVERS MAY FIND DISTURBING SO DO NOT WATCH IF YOUR THEM! I WARN YOU! Now on the brighter side I manged to get some of your avatars in there and I did not make all of the avatars but some of them including mine but others I found and I thank those people for letting me use there avatar and I hope everyone enjoy the game and since I been making arcade games why not make a change and make a game for my friends that is not arcade and well here you go, it may be better or worse and I sorry for the different game format and you do not doing anything much in the game so yeah. I hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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