Jack's Adventures V0.6

By captain1234 :: Thursday December 24th, 2015


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Good Evening all and the festive seasons is here and if you want another of these arcade games the sequel to this Jack's Adventures Version is this Christmas Adventures I think it will be called. It will be next thing I upload today and today is Christmas Eve, the time I am publishing this game and any who I have been busy for a while now doing my very best to get everything done for Christmas and In would like to say it's been hard but you be getting 2 arcade games and the 3rd game is a Christmas game which I designed using the physics game platform and I would like to say that it's my first time using that thing and don't be angry if my game is bad and anyway I would like to inform you as usual what has been changed in this version of the game. The fixes and the changes in this game have been made and I am terribly sorry that version 6 has come out late due to that I have been busy doing a lot of things and I have not got around to doing most thing s meaning that I have been busy causing me to put certain things of and I hope you understand that and I am sorry but I have made 2 other games so I hope you will check it out and enjoy the game and I am sorry for any problems I may have caused you and I have been busy so yeah any way the fixes and the changes to the game are as listed; the game has been tested thoroughly and a walk through of the game has been done to ensure to minimize the problems in the games as well the game has been enhanced in areas of performance leading to better quality and performance, certain stages of the games and levels have been changed to make it look better as well there are more collectibles and coins in the game, the tree's and the rest of the scenery has been changed to match the atheistic's of the surrounding area of the stages and the levels and the environment, the game speech has been re-checked to match what the characters is saying, more land has been added, more scenery going to be added to the game, trying o decease the amount of coins in the game to make it harder, add platforms which could be used as a roof which as well a spring bounce pad and the game has ore secrets making it harder now,added more accessories, added more characters and dialog, added more information, added more lamps to suit the anesthetic's, added more signs, added more monsters and creatures and spikes added to the game to make it harder. I think that is all on the list but if there are more I am sorry for missing them out and as well Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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