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Review by captainalex on Thursday, November 25th 2010
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Nuclear Fusion is a game created by chuckytown

Nuclear Fusion has to be one of the HARDEST beatable games on Sploder that is still really fun. You start with two owls. You have to trust one of them... or DO you? Actually, there's a hidden switch which lets you move on. Then there's an action point after some crushers with a robot and a thug, which brings you to the next puzzle- a shark in a water area with a key under him. You have to jump on the ladder above you and lead the shark out, then grab the key. Then you go thru a transporter and have to decide: left to the gears, or right? Then chuckytown makes you think a transporter's the only way, but NO! Go up and there's actually water you can float on, with turrets to the sides, so you must move quickly. After grabbing two of the three crystals, you move up into an area where you must jump over lava. There's a hidden switch in the room, but the key is... never mind. It's a secret, hehe.

Nuclear Fusion is THE best puzzle platformer on Sploder I've seen. It has great action, insane puzzles, secrets galore and there is virtually no lag in it. Enemy placement is great, I can't really think of how to change it, and it's very addictive. I like how Nuclear Fusion seems to have weird scenery in it, but in fact everyhing has a purpose in it. This is one of those games that takes more than one attempt. Well, that's it for my review, now it's time for the ratings!



Fun: ________
Difficulty: _________
Addictiveness: __________
Creativity: _________
Originality: ________
Enemy Placement: _________
Puzzles: __________
Lag: _________
Overall Score: _________

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