.:|WD|:. (Yawn) I'm Just Not Seein' What Babybuster Saw.

Review by captainalex on Monday, May 2nd 2011
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Sketch is a game created by nitrogendioxide

Yup, it's my first review of a physics game. Today I'll be reviewing this game called Sketch by nitrogendioxide. I've only seen nitrogendioxide from the forums, but barely. I never played any of his games or looked at his account page, but I saw babybuster's review of this game. Wow, that was some good scores. A 5/5? "I guess I'll have to try it," I thought. So I played it...

First of all, let me point out that this game had some epic scenery to go along with the title and the short/confusing description that was presented to you. However, that was probably the only reason it was featured. I will put it blunt- I didn't like this game other than the scenery. Literally everything else about it was annoying. "What," you ask? Well I'll tell you.

Let me say that I don't think a hexagon was the best choice for a player. Number 1, hexagons move slow! Ack! Will you ever start to move beyond the speed of a slug! Number 2, a hexagon's jump ability only works when it's not moving, which made it annoying to avoid the enemies of Sketch, get on elevators, etc. Which brings me to... (dramatically) the elevators.

The elevators were FREAKING ANNOYING. They were the worst part of this game. Why? They would spin. And with the hexagon's limited jumping abilities, it made it the worst thing that happened to this game. What really makes me mad is that nitrogendioxide could've avoided it. Instead of the option "object rotates but does not move," how about, "object moves but does not rotate"... (takes deep breath)

No offense, but in my opinion, the editors are going a little too crazy with featuring the physics games. They feature anything that looks the slightest bit good, which is the case with Sketch. Babybuster said this was close to EGL, but I disagree. It lacked many game play elements and was very tedious, which in turn led to it being boring. The lack of puzzles made it even more boring. I'm just glad there wasn't any lag. (...) Well, I've run out of things to say so I suppose it's time for some ratings.


Ratings of Sketch out of 6

Fun: _
Scenery: _____
Action: _
Puzzles: _
Game play: __

Overall: __

Any Final Words: WAY too tedious. Why must the elevators spin?! (cries)

Feature-worthy: You can probably guess by now that I say no.

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Sketch Reviewed by captainalex on Monday, May 2nd 2011. .:|WD|:. (Yawn) I'm Just Not Seein' What Babybuster Saw. - A game review written by captainalex for the game 'Sketch' by nitrogendioxide. Rating: 2