Hintos Maximum Prison

By caspers500 :: Monday May 17th, 2010


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You murdered millions of people to get where you were. You almost conquered the whole world, the only country not under your control was the United States of America. Got anxious and didn't let your men regroup, you just sent another attack. They failed and got pushed back to your base in the U.K. The marines then came in and burned down your whole base and found you hidden in your secret tunnels outside the base. They then threw you in confinement, putting the world back in a good state. The Americans torture you everyday, whipping you, stoning you, sometimes they starve you or dehydrate you, but they never do anything enough to just kill you. You here the guards say that you get one more week to live, and you start to realize that if you could escape this evil He11, you may be able to destroy America while the other countries are in more poverty than ever. You smile to yourself and figure out that when they feed you today, you will use your carved knife you made out if stone, and escape. ______________________________ THIS IS A TRIBUTE TO SHAYMINLORD789 FOR BEING THE FIRST TO BEAT SCARSONS MANSION! http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/tracks#airplanes%20BoB/all/1 song for the game lol


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