Chaos Contest X! Enter today!

By chaosx :: Thursday April 14th, 2011


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Hello fellow sploder users, I am having a contest! To join, simply add a comment saying which team you want to be in: Team Fire or Team Ice. I will have 5 people per team so there is room for 10 people total to enter. The whole contest will be held on an account called chaoscontestx, if you enter I will send you a friend request from that account. I will publish a game on chaoscontestx everyday which will have a challenge in the description. You have to do what the description says to do. If you join you are going to have to be able to get on the computer every day for a little while because if you miss a challenge you will automatically be eliminated. Every day a member will be eliminated. So join now! I will inform you when the contest begins.


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