alien vs predator 2 demo

By charliehenribran :: Friday April 2nd, 2010


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welcome to alien vs predator (avp) its been along time since i did alien vs predator. so if you loved the game that i did for alien vs predator this one will be... alien vs predator staring the actors in it. i shall name you the actors. needee,me,geoff,comondo and molly01. molly01 is playing as riki's girlfriend.needee isgoing to play the part of im going to be playing as a bully who hates riki. oh by the way the bullys name is called dale. comondo is going to play riki's big brother who is tuff and stronge.oh yeah and i forgot a character heroman.he will be a police officer who is riki's brother's friend. here is a demo of what happens now. hope you like it. just remeber riki i tought that girl every thing she knows.*dale walk to riki,riki walks to dale* (riki pushes dale into water with himself) you guys stop it!Dale stop it he's drowning!(the lights go off) something jumps into the water! oh my god get out the pool!there is something in the pool get out!dale shouts: come on get out! it grabs on of dales friends and the creatures tongue goes through dales friends head and out of his eye! argh!RUN! THEY SCREAM IN TERROR! they run to the door.ITS LOCKED! the creature is right behind them! they run to another room! they look for somewhere to get out of the building! dale points to the window.the window! they all jump out of the window. dale is the last one to jump. he jumps out! but the creature grabs him! argh! help me! trying to hangon to the window! riki trys to save him! but riki couldnt hold on mu ch longer! riki let go! and dale let go of the window as the creature pulls him in! argh! eating dale alive the blood splats on the window! argh! riki's girlfriend shouts riki come on! as they all run! leaving dale to die! i hope you enjoyed that! the game will come out on easter with crash bandicoot 2 level 1


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