By chase428 :: Friday June 7th, 2013


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Once upon a time, there was an evil force named "Blockslide", and the spirit blocks have to stop the evil force of Blockslide from turning all existance into blocks. help them out by solving puzzles and some of them have a time limit. this evil force "Blockslide" is a fiction, made up tale. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Note: i updated the game... I fixed level 4-in-game [3-in-level-name-terms] and set it to 8 points to win, and i fixed everything and tested it and it is most likely possible to beat the game now! :] Comment if you see any other glitches, bugs, mistakes, or errors in the game. Otherwise if you love this original puzzling twist, don't forget to nominate if you would like to do so. (NOTE: you don't have to nominate this game if you don't want to...) IMPORTANT NOTE: This game is beatable, i have never completed it until Friday, June 17, 2013 - Approx. 11:35 AM, Updated 11:40 AM ----- Instructions: Simple! just like a sliding puzzle except you have to collect the required amount of points of each level to pass. simple as that! ;) ----- Guide: Soon Achievements: (They Earn you Awards! :D) -----Blockslide Speed Legend: Beat the game under 10 minutes -----Speedyslider: Beat the game under 15 minutes -----Blockslide Expert: Beat the game under 20 minutes -----SCORE!: Get a score on Blockslide Leaderboard -----Leaderboard Invader: Get 5 scores on the leaderboard -----Super Leaderboard Invader: Get 5 Good scores (Beat the game under 20 seconds 5 times)


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