Ultimate boss rush

By chloeismega :: Friday May 29th, 2015


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Read this before playing. WARNING. If you: Tend to ragequit. Have low patience. Hate boss rush games. Do not like losing. Think bouncy things are annoying. Dislike spikes that kill in one hit. Rage about red sodas being deadly but not other soda. DO NOT PLAY. If none of these things describe you, play this. Also read this for useful tips that may come in handy. Remember red sodas kill instantly but they rarely spawn. Green soda only make you lose life. Touching the pink bouncy boulders will make them explode. Try not to touch them, as they may knock you back into the deadly spikes. The mini robos will try to push you into the spikes. Last but not least All of the platforms (I repeat ALL) are bouncy. Have fun!


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