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Review by chowder119 on Saturday, September 17th 2011
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Psychotic Pong is a game created by youngcaliman

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I never had a review in ages, so I made this. :)


Firstly, Caliman was a good friend of mine and also a good creator. His games are epic, good and above all, very unique. Although that this game hadn't enemies and it has been a bit hard for the newbies. I'll tell you why.

Game Concept

A puzzle game that is none like other. I found a lot of good things about it, one of it was it was a unique game, I never seen like it before, two, it was very addictive, I mean the gameplay was very amusing and from the moment you started it, you will repeat it several more times. And there's another thing about it that makes it a good game. Its creative scenery, the creator did a good job making it, color coding for each box or which the pimpong that you are using to hit the ball. I also like the tricks and stuffs on it.


This game had no enemies or hazards. Nothing to fight, nothing to avoid just a colorful background. Well, at first it is pretty boring, since you don't know how to play it, but when you continue to play it, its addicting level increases. Another thing about the gameplay is that when you fail a single level, you will start-over from the beginning. Also there are tricks that you will do, like hit a button to reveal hidden passages, challenges, etc. the higher the level you are the harder it gets. Well from the moment I gave up playing this great game by Caliman, it inspires me and makes my nose bleed. I like the game very much, especially the background, very useful, not just a background but also adds the confusion to your mind. The game was very great, I like all the details, there is nothing on Sploder like this one. I like the syle and the concept, even though it doesn't have any enemies. The Challenge, very nice and I say that when you fail to throw the ball in the wrong direction, you will have to start over again from the start. Finally, another good game, and type to be created here on Sploder.


Here's the conclusion. The scenery was a great design, I like how it was made. The gameplay, Yeah! Challenging but I think it's a possible one. The puzzles and tricks are also good but sometimes, annoying. Final was the theme, it matches the title and I think that adds goodness to it.

And an epic award waiting for you to at the end when you finish it, And I think this game would be a nice and resurrecting you from boredom.

Overall Score

-Creativity: Good and a unique creation, there is nothing like it.

-Creativity Rating: _6/6_

-Gameplay: Very nice, but sometimes annoying and frustrating, when you have failed and do the same thing all over again.

-Gameplay Rating: _5/6_

-Puzzles and tricks: Though it was very tricky to solve them but I still like it.

-Puzzle and tricks Rating:n _5/6_

-Challenge: Well I suggest you that you really need to find out yourself.

-Challenge Rating: _4/6_

-Overall Rating: _9/10_

Have fun playing this great game! Also, Caliman said he will make a part 2 of this amazing game! So wait for it. :D



Psychotic Pong Reviewed by chowder119 on Saturday, September 17th 2011. The Ultimate Pimpong Game - A game review written by chowder119 for the game 'Psychotic Pong' by youngcaliman. Rating: 0.5