The Legend, Of Legends..

Review by chumpion on Friday, April 27th 2012
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The Legend of Ganondorf is a game created by lumberjay

Hey.. It's me.. NOOOoooOOOOo! Oh whatever.. Today I'll be reviewing The Legend of Ganondorf, a game by the legend, Lumberjay. I am reviewing this for the curtsey of MNM. (Moola, if you don't remember, you said I could do a review as well). I have proof somewhere.. >.> Anyhow, enjoy.

Lumberjay, woodchuck, lumberjack, axe. Chopping wood, a criminal, but an amazing member in our hearts. A Sploder legend when it comes down to RPG's, and just awesome in general. Lumber is the maker of many RPG's, including The Legend of Ganondorf, and some other I cannot, or will ever be bothered to tell you. Let's just say, he's a great maker, and has also made some popular Physics games in the past, and will hopefully in the present too.

My first thoughts? I didn't know what was coming for me. But I knew it was going to be a RPG for the title. "Legend" just gave it all away for me. "Legend" Is the way many RPG's start off. To be honest, "Legend" screams out RPG, to me. And you know what I'll say next, I'll end up blabbering on about opinions.. All may I say is, I was looking forward to a game, by Lumberjay. It isn't like he make one every day.. And I knew it'd be special, to me..

The thumbnail, it's grey! Wonderfully, boring, grey! Actually, grey is one of my preferred colours in the Platformer maker. (I know it's boring, but I don't care). Afterwards, I saw a life, and a whatever they're called. I seriously can't, or be bothered to remember/check the name of them. But it did give me a good opinion of the health placement.. Which is always good.

Game-play, you're running around in an RPG.. BIG SURPRISE! 4 teh obs. It's an RPG, what the hell do you expect? I love RPG's, the special elements make them a great success. Some people hate them, but I don't see why. They're probably the best games on Sploder, (My opinion) and I'd like to see some more in the coming months. But I realize, they take time.. I'll let you on a secret. I'm working on an RPG myself. Now enough of this. I really enjoyed The Legend of Ganondorf. It was fun, exciting, and just interesting. There were lot's of people you'd meet (I know there are only 3 characters, but they just turn into different people). They'd help you and guide you on your way though your journey. Really, all I may say it's fun, addictive, and has plenty of action. And a example of a real game. It does have its ups and downs, though I must say.

Scenery, amazing. I loved it.. It was colorful, and caught your eye. (Sorry if I spelt colorful wrong, Google chrome corrected me). So blame Chrome.. So blocks weren't my choice though, I mostly just liked the grey ones x3. But it was Lumberjay's choice, not mine. And we all have diff- Oh god I need to stfu about opinions >_> What I am saying, I liked many choices, but not all were my flavor.

Placements, pretty good. Let's start with Health.

Health placements? Good. They weren't over used, or over powered, they were placed acceptably. Not to much, not to little, pretty much, completely. The lives were where I needed them, same to go with the health packs. All in all a good job.

Enemy placements now..

Enemy placements were alright, but there weren't many enemies. But where there were, they were in pretty good spots. Let's say, you'd have one over here, about a mile after another one. But there's a good thing about this, enemies weren't over powered. And mostly in good spots. Many like to use a few more, but I liked this tactic of spreading them out. Good job Lumberjay.

Pros: Good Scenery, Lovely Placements, Decent Game-play.

Cons: Little laggy, not always exciting.


Action/Adventure: ____/_____
Game-play: ____/_____
Scenery: ____.5/_____
Creativity: ___.5/_____
Placements: ____.7/_____
Overall: ____.5/_____


The Legend of Ganodorf is one of the best RPGs of all time (On Sploder). It's pretty fun, creative, and just decent all in General. Feature worthy though? Hell yes. It might make it to EGL one day if Lumberjay keeps his hopes up. Great game Lumberjay, keep up the good work.

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The Legend of Ganondorf Reviewed by chumpion on Friday, April 27th 2012. The Legend, Of Legends.. - A game review written by chumpion for the game 'The Legend of Ganondorf' by lumberjay. Rating: 4