Little Boy, Oh Little Boy.. Where Thou Art You Be?

Review by chumpion on Monday, December 24th 2012
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Little Boy is a game created by mat7772

Yes, my poetry fails. Do you really care? Well, it's that time again. Old game, Old member, new review. Today, I'll be reviewing 'Little Boy' by the one, the only, the Potty Toddler, Mat7772. So I'll sit down here, in this chair, and write this review.


Mat7772.. Pure.. Well, legend cuts it? He's amazing at making games, as many people will know and agree. He first got his first feature last year, and now he's scoring features all the time. Mat's games will always have the side of professional, sometimes a little bit down. But come on, we all have our moments. Mat's certainly had his. But we forgive you Mat, for now..


Seriously, what am I meant to say about some blocks and a switch? Really, all I can say about the thumbnail was it's pretty much dreadful. No offence Mat, but really, all it is, is.. about 6 big blocks crammed together. Dreadful. Enough said, it's to awful to talk about.


Let's start me off, the game was a RPG. One of many favorites to the site, especially in the platformer creator (not like it really works with the others anyway). Even thought RPGs are meant to have action in many levels, honestly, in this game only around 7 out of the 20 levels are actually playable. Most of them are just parts to make the scenery get a good score or something. But seriously, it's mostly just a fairy tale about some little boy on his adventures. Moving onto the actual PLAYABLE levels, there pretty good. There was action, adventure, that sort of stuff. 'stuff' Such a out-dated word. Now, as for this poor Little Boy, he loses his family and all that, and ends with a owl? o.O I don't know if this would happen in real life, but it'll always make me wonder. But as for the game on a whole, it did fit in with each-other.

Scenery and Creativity

The Scenery in Little Boy was thought through nicely. The grass fitted well into it's levels, the walls blended in nicely, and you could tell that it had been thought over, and that Mat had tried with the Scenery. And with no doubt, he had pretty much succeeded in this. Alright, there was the odd mishaps every now and again, but I did enjoy the Scenery on the whole.

With the Creativity, it wasn't all that Creative. It's more of the adverage RPG, but it does have some special extras that makes it feel a little complete. The creativity could be stuck up a notch or two, but all in all, it's not exactly that bad. How he made a Little Boy go on all these adventures, that storyline was thought through, and I don't find it that bad. Just a little bit more new would make it complete.


The placement in this game was a little unique, you know, mixed up. Like a banana sundae with ketchup and bread. But it doesn't taste THAT disgusting. The placement was kind of my cuppa' tea. It was overly used, and placed in only places where needed. Example; Mat would of placed enemies where they needed to be, so not one right over the lava where they'd die in a second. Well done Mat, you get a Christmas cookie. Yayz!

Pro's: Placement was decent, Scenery was blended in well.

Con's: More of your average RPG, not all that creative. Not much game-play.


Action/adventure: ___/_____
Creativity: __.5/_____
Game-play: ___.5/_____
Fun: ____/_____
Addictive: ____/_____
Overall: ____/_____


Little Boy may be your average RPG, but it's got some good perks to boost it up a notch. Feature worthy? Yes, most defiantly. It might not have a great score, but it doesn't mean I think it's a worthless game. Mat, you've done a good job, just a few things for you too improve. Good luck with RPG's in the future!

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Little Boy Reviewed by chumpion on Monday, December 24th 2012. Little Boy, Oh Little Boy.. Where Thou Art You Be? - A game review written by chumpion for the game 'Little Boy' by mat7772. Rating: 4