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Review by chumpion on Sunday, August 18th 2013
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Realm of Ghosts is a game created by vpopsiclev

It's the final countdownnnn. Yes, this is the last EGD review, and it goes off with a bang! Why? Because I'm doing the review, now bow down to me children. Today, I will be reviewing the final Epic Game Drop Game, that is "Realm of Ghosts" by that noob Vpopsiclev. Ha ha! Alright, alright I'll get on with it.

Pre Thoughts Thingy

Soon as I saw there were 2 games left to review, I decided to stop being my lazy, usual self and actually review one. I realised Troyjo had taken one of them, so I had to go for "Realm of Ghosts". Before I played, I started to wonder "Why has nobody done this review then? Is the game bad? Or is everyone just hypocrites and jealous of the swag it has?" So I went downstairs, watched my favourite show, came back up and did some more "thinking". I eventually decided maybe it was just out of luck and I came to that conclusion. I was hoping for some sort of, action maybe? But something easy, as for I am terrible with games.

The thumbnail was sort of "exciting", in it's own way. It gave a sort of preview into the game, and also showed you that the Scenery looked quite good from my prospective. It gave an insight for you, a little bit of taster for the game, that small hint of what to expect. Yes, a messed up staircase really does excite me, wonders to my eyes.

In all seriousness, the thumbnail made the game look boring, and bland. I mean, how is that meant to excite you? "Whoopie! We're going to climb some stairs that have grass on them! How can I not be excited!" Boring, bland, needs a little more spice. A bit more excitement. A disappointing effort...

The Game

The game really lagged for me, it was almost impossible to play. I didn't exactly understand it either. You start in this sort of, "grass field". Then this monsters locked up and you have to find out what to do, I couldn't really understand it. The game is like a puzzle that wasn't meant to be solved. There were rarely any traps, or anything to try and help you. You're like a lost soul, on a journey trying to figure out who or what you are. It makes the game bland and nothing to exactly excite you, nothing to make you leap for joy, it's just boring. The scenery was very good all in fairness, it did fit in with the background in parts, and sort of helped you understand the game a bit better. It spiced it up a bit, and gave a little more fun.

The placements and puzzles and traps, well they were pretty decent. The placements were in the right places, they showed you that they were placed there for some sort of reason, not everything though, like the squares that looked like stairs for the scenery. I didn't really understand those. There weren't many traps. A few here and there, but not many. The game was more of a puzzle than anything, as I mentioned above, you're trying to figure out what the heck you need to do. But it sort of, works, giving the game a good piece to be placed into.

~Pros:~ Good placements, decent Scenery.

~Cons:~ Not that much action, a lot of lag.

Ratings :D

Action/Adventure: 3/5

Puzzles/Traps: 4.5/5

Scenery/Thumbnail: 4/5

Gameplay: 3.5/5

Lag: 5/5 (sorry... It was for me though, might not be for anyone else).

Overall: 4/5


The game isn't that half bad, maybe it lags a bit, but it's quite fun. It makes you enjoy the game, and be happy you played it. I wouldn't call it a waste of time, but it needs a bit of improvement in places. I'll say yes to feature worthy, seeing as the game was worked hard on and it wasn't half bad.

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Realm of Ghosts Reviewed by chumpion on Sunday, August 18th 2013. [EGD] And The Final One Rolls In.. - A game review written by chumpion for the game 'Realm of Ghosts' by vpopsiclev. Rating: 4