Log Land

By chwarae :: Saturday June 20th, 2009


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if you like this game please fo for it or bee my frend you have got to get any of my games into the contest and if you no how to conplte cars the game pleas let me now my bbro looks like a wizard and my sister looks like a wich and runscape is relly cool it may look splode but realy it is wiked and my bro is a bit ofer thetop with it my bro is a bit sad runscape may look splode but1 you hath completed totorial iland it is relly god but totorial iland is hard and plese help mee to get int the cotest if you read this you ar realy cool if you haf eny tps at going up levels pleas let me now and if you get me ito the contesd i wil give you a trbiut but please leaf a mesij eny way plsea fote for my games this is the longest description


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