A Classic Card Game Comes To Life

Review by ckmbud on Wednesday, December 7th 2011
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Solitary is a game created by pandak

Hello, welcome to mine, Ckmbud's 7th Review. Today my review will involve the game Solitary by pandak. Also I'd like to point out that my Review structure will be like the following:


I found pandak, a popular member on Sploder, and he had manufactured a game that ever so slightly caught my eye. One that resembled as if it were abundant with puzzles, traps, and action. Many members recognize pandak for his magnificent Physics Puzzle Maker games, so I don't have any idea what to expect although my expectation is high, from the name, and from the cool looking thumbnail.


Your 1000 years old, and were rescued from a frozen river that allowed you to survive so many years. Go through the stages and get 12% of your memory back and stop the worm whole from destroying the earth. Solid storyline in my objective and that pretty much explains the concept of Solitary. You get forced to go through harsh tasks that include your mind, and wisdom.I put this game under the genre adventure. My reason for that is you wonder around a maniacally constructed course getting put through diverse traps and puzzles, not to mention enemies. And the stages you venture around are not in any way repetitive, they included a variety of elements and hazards as well.

The scenery was pleasant. It sort of gave me the sense that I was literally forced to go through the tasks. There were a numerous amount of blocks such as hurtful hot blocks, jungle tiles, and occasionally there were background tiles with decor on them. The theme was caliginous and patterns of blocks were dispersed all over the map throughout Solitary. The design sure did make you feel lonely, that's for sure therefore solitary is a perfect name for this game. The block placement was well done as well. Very rarely would I distinguish bland areas, but there still were a couple. The hot blocks bordering you were aced and put in the best spots, as well as the lives, power ups, and health. What I mean about bland spots is, I detected some minor flaws. The main one that evolves around the placement aspect is sometimes jungle tiles per-say were put under a different sort of tile, which created an illusion to my eye, and and made it feel like ice cream, without the sprinkles on top. It just created a bad effect that attracted my eye in a negative way. Nevertheless, I found the scenery alright, maybe a bit more positive than that, but not quite the accurate target you want in an utterly fashion.

Pandak added a colossal amount of addiction into Solitary in my prospective. Many slick ticks and puzzles (In more detail further on) were included as well as a solid storyline. When you add all of the hallicious content and features in a game together, you can make members/players addicted to the game, and I recognized the addiction given to you in Solitary. Because the game was addicting, logically thinking the game was amusing, and it was in so many self explanatory ways. An example is the mission overall is highly amusing, and the action and puzzle in Solitary made it that much more boisterous.

Now we're heading to the most captivating feature that could be found in a game, in my opinion; the traps and puzzles. A descent variety of puzzles were in Solitary but they were exceptional and amazing ones. Each sign in the game says "Testing Intelligence" therefore probably signalling there will be a puzzle or trap near by. This kind of gives away what's going to happen, but the dark theme covers for the con and still makes it hard to see. Now for enemies and hazards. There weren't many enemies but enough to kill you once or twice. The enemies placed took away bland areas where you had the opportunity to just walk around without fear. Also there were a lot of hazards, especially hot blocks and crushers. Where you didn't uncover an enemy, a hazard would be there just waiting to steal your health. I admit, I admire the fact you weren't safe the whole time, because this makes the game more appealing and difficult, which is nice to have in a Feature worthy game. Overall many hazards were placed, and roughly enough enemies were set.


Solitary was an epic game. It had a massive amount of action, traps, and puzzles. Enemy amount was smooth and many hazards were added. I love to see games like this that give me the feeling "I need to Review this". One problem was the placement wasn't aced. So a nicely done game with a limited amount of negativity.


Action/Adventure: ____/_____
Scenery/Design: ____/_____
Placement: ___/_____
Enemies: ____/_____
Hazards: _____/_____
Traps/Puzzles: ____/_____

OVERALL: 8/10 (4/5)

Feature Worthy?

Sorry but, I think this will never not be featured! It was very lengthy, and I didn't find too much lag. Nothing had a bad score, so overall I'm telling the Editors to feature Solitary because it rocked!


Solitary Reviewed by ckmbud on Wednesday, December 7th 2011. A Classic Card Game Comes To Life - A game review written by ckmbud for the game 'Solitary' by pandak. Rating: 0.5