The Sorceress

By clight :: Friday November 12th, 2010


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Welcome to my game, probably the best game I have made, and will ever make. I will call this impossible until someone wins. In the testing I glitched with the crushers and went underground and I glitched to the crystal, fixed that problem. And now the story behind the game: Perenelle Flamel, a thought to be immortal person in Paris is stuck on Alcatraz, one of the most powerful prisons. Her cell has no bars, and she could escape, except there is a problem, the great Sphinx. Some people think of the Sphinx to be fake (I do), but in this prison the Sphinx guards it, and he is impossible to kill. There is a huge spider lies beneath, and it will be a great battle to excape. Perenelle is thought to be a Sorceress because she can defeat other Dark Elders, or the creators of the world, and if you win, you have let her escape. The spider on the other hand will be trapped deap inside. And why would one of the most powerful elders like the spider be in prison? Dr. John Dee put him down there because the spider fights for humani, and is almost impossible to kill. He has gone through 1 billion poison flies biting him or even a whole mountain on top of him. To heal, he must rest for several centuries. All I have to say is... Happy Dying!


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