you betrayed your kingdom

By clonenolan :: Wednesday July 11th, 2012


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this story is about you betrayed your kingdom by runing away and leaving a note thats a lie the note says "i am the king i left because i wanted to have a jorney" then the next morrning the king was sleeping next to the queen then thay notest that the prince was gone and the queen and the princess fallowed you but they had no luck so thay said you betrayed us and we are mad. on the first level of the other kingdom the guards are guarding and the probs,turrets,&all the other warriors are attacking you so you have to find the crystal to make it to the kingdom of quaz.the kingdom of quaz is the bad team the good kingdom does not know why you left.and levle 2 is when you made it to the kingdom and there are lots of guard again so you have to steal the crystals 1 inside 1 outside. outside there are one of there armys and you have to get past those armys. now the last levle you are in the bottum basement and you have to explode the explosife cans without dieing and climb up the latter pass all the solgers and get the crystal.thanks for playing if you played from,clonenolan


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