Black out 2 the next chapter

By clubneokinz :: Thursday July 30th, 2009


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Its back in the 2nd part ok heres the story You:hmm wheres black out he said he would be back after he gets done in dragon cave.Ninja carl:dragon cave! bwahaha stupid no one has returned! all ninjas:BWAHAHAHAH! you: still its taken FOREVER!!!! ninja jack:heres a deal we got one of those err shiny thingys that you want all you have to do is unlock the door. you:ok! its for a good cost? ninja! let me get the keys(5 mins later) you:splode! WHERES THE KEY! you:oh yea blackout brought them with him oh splode that means i have to go to dragon cave!!! ninja fazz:wow bad luck for you i heard that there having a battle today. any one in there way will be xP you:oh god *falls on ground* ninja jack:hey dude go under ground i heard some of our clan have some weapons below ya guys hq. ninja jack: but some ninjas might be under there so watch out you:ok i thoght u guys were bad? ninja coll: woooow u learnd nothing from the first game?? you:oh right x). ninja jack:well....HURRY UP! you:ok ok! *20 mins after that* you:oh splode the ice is melting i must be close oh the lavas a hint... oh yea i have a jet pack! help:press c to use ur jet pack! ninja munch: hey hey you! jet pack dude watch out all day we have been trying to get in but we keep falling and that guard is a dragon! you:suree a dragon *you roll ur eyes*. *ninja explodes into flames* (20 mins later)you:finnaly!! got there! i killed guard next is the cave... oh gosh a dragon! yikes! dragon dagger: oh look lax we got dinner mwahaha!! dragon lax: i cant wait till we tell boss! first that shadow guy now this guy! mwahahaha!! *gets shot 2 times then dies* dragon dagger: oh splode! *gets shot* you:haha that settles that oh god lava! oh yea i can jump! or fly x). (5 mins later) you:done! now to err go down there that looks scary oh its just a err thing that spins dont look painful.hey look some ammo for my gun ok theres another and another dang blackout might left these behind (30 ammos later) oh god ninjas and dragons!? oh splode!! ninja clan:HEY YOU GET OFF THE FEILD THIS BATTLES BETWEEN THE DRAGONS AND US! dragon clan: KID LEAVE! DONT MAKE US HURT YOU!! you:hey look theres the keys! aww there locked up :(. hey i see a key but but... its in the middle of the fight! yikes!! * you choose the end will you get the key to the door to unlock the keys to the jail gate to get the dimond or will you die you choose*


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