blackout 4 lava master

By clubneokinz :: Saturday November 28th, 2009


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After defeating those guys they.called back up smart butts :I oh yah.took you to the lava castle can you defeat the lava king?. now to the story... You:AAHH AHH put me down!! thorjames:NEVER!well my hoofs are killing me....FINE! but dont try to stop him from taking black outs powers!!!You: HOLY! *kicks* thorjames: oof! You: hehe... You: atleast i took his wepons.... these might help me...Hey you! dragon boy whats going on? dragonlax:not telling...You:umm did'nt i kill you like 2 games ago? dragonlax:yep(lazy me cant think of names xD) You: umm whats going on dragonlax:well i heard theres a intruder! oohh once i find him or her i will...You: -_o yeahh thats nice...Dragonlax:well boss put out ALL the gaurds and all the small boss's this is too fun! thankz neo for the game...(dont i rock??)You:yahh well im gonna kill you again now...Dragonlax: YOURE THE INTRUDE-*boom!*You:hehe now lets continue shall we?Hey i can use jump to get up these tiles...(ps you can use youre grapple hook WATCH OUT! it could run out you could go back and get a new one thogh...) You:hey never seen you! jammer:yo yo yo i throw these arrows i kill you how can you not know me!You: nvm (few secs after) HOLY a boss ape:HAHA MWAHA I WANT BANNA >:O - RAWWRR You: i has no bannas? Ape: ATTACK FELLOW BULLS HAHAHA you: ohh cr*p!!(MEANWHILE with the lava king)... LAVA KING: Grr the opponent is comming!SEND MORE BOSS'S >:I send out the :J THE NINJA GANG!!! (back with youre player) grrrr You: dont make me push this button ape: heha! button no hurt ape! You: oh relle? Ape: mhmm You: *push* Ape:just make me fall! You: look down...Ape: oo! oo! lava! no no dont dont You: *push's again* *looks at bulls* Bulls all togehter:yeahh well BUH BYEEE!! You: ok now to go threw this portal thing OOH cool ninjas wait ninjas? ninja nika:HI PAL you:oh you again well thanks for the help last time i mean getting me brought to the final chapter of my life! ninja nika:calm down calm downill help you ok lava masters name is zamorak (LOL)he knowns lava and fire like the back of his fist.but he also is very smart cause he made the lava castle have three floors the first floor is the floor you just got past the 2nd is this one the third floats in the sky witch is his if he has fire powers then why does he want me and black out?ninja nika:WEll you are a ninja just like black out you train as darkness just as blackout but zamorak wants you both witch he said he will get go down and defeat the sensei and watch out for the lava master cuz he is soon to be BUT where? nika:when you least exspect it...but i wish you a great time you have my honor...


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