battle of the kings update

By coolgamer012345 :: Thursday November 22nd, 2012


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ok there was a war then one of the nights turned against geoff,he was named sceptile and for his crime he was sent to alaska and out of his anger sceptile started splitting into thousands of little sceptiles and he was the king of them and then he made a boat out of the little sceptiles and set sail,at the same time geoff was coming to see how it was going and he seen all the littel sceptiles and got captured then sceptile got the news but kept going and then he took over geoffville and geoff freed himselfe and beat the smartest sceptile,sceptile king JR!then he made a boat out of anything he could find and went back to geoff ville and punches sceptile and freed everyone and then sent sceptile to the moon


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