battle of the kings

By coolgamer012345 :: Wednesday October 10th, 2012


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the story is,once upon a time there was a kingdome called geoffville,there was a war with some natives about the land and one of the warriors turned on the kingdome and attacked it and that warrior was,SCEPTILE,he was banished to the alaskas but sceptile grew with anger then 2 miny sceptiles split out of him then they kept doing that then there was thousands of little sceptiles and the first sceptile was now the sceptile king,he wanted to take revenge on geoff for what he did,he made a boat out of the strongest mini sceptiles and he made cannons and other weapons out of snow and ice.but little did he know geoff was on his way to the alaskas to check on him and found he was gone and there was a castle and many huts made by the mini sceptiles.they caught geoff but he used his lasso to grab the key and put on a green sock hat with big eyes to try to blend in and used his sword and fought off the sceptiles and then went looking for the ruler of the kingdome then he found sceptile king JR and fought him,then took over the kingdome then gatherd trash and drift wood and made a boat to get back and then he found sceptile king and then he ran up to him as fast as he could and punched him in the nose as hard as he could then because of that he passed out,and geoff freed the hostages that the sceptile king made out of the people.then geoff banished sceptile to the moon,and he lived happier ever after Intel he comes back!


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