Black And White Super DX

By coolgamer012345 :: Tuesday October 22nd, 2013


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This is a super DX version of black and white update. The story is divided into sections. The Beginning: It started what a boy wanted to go outside to explore and then he found the color blue in a lake, He went to investigate and then captured the ball of blue, It then told him about what happened, A great evil long ago took the ball of BLACK AND WHITE from the color temple and broke its color into peaces and scattered it. After the ball was done the boy fell into a Air pocket then had found something else. The Magma Basin: After the events of the color blue the boy fell into an air pocked that was full of magma and the color ball of RED, He found it and then below him the lava pushed him up into the sky and then he found L3. The Sky Travel: After the events of the red color ball the boy found himselfe in the clouds and had found the yellow color ball, Once he touched the ball and captured it the clouds went away and he fell into a forest. The Forest: After capturing the yellow color ball the boy fell into a small amount of water in a forest. The boy found people trying to destroy the forest with no luck, after you sneak past them you capture the parts of the green color ball. After finding the main peace the ground crumbles under you and you find an abandoned mine. The Abandoned Mine: After the events of the green color ball the boy fell into a mine and captured the color ball of brown. The Returning: After Getting all the color balls they combined into the BALL OF BLACK AND WHITE. The ball then started flashing every color and Then huge beams of every color came out of the ball. The color was returned to the world.


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