black and white

By coolgamer012345 :: Wednesday December 12th, 2012


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now the story is,your a ball in a simple world of black and white you live life for 10 years,then you hear a rumor about something called CoLoR,you started trying to figure out stuff about it after you did that you wanted to find the color so you set off,then you see some weird looking thing it looks different then everything around it,it turns out to be color but your character does not know that yet,he finds it then he restores the color blue back into the world,then you do the same thing to find red yellow green and brown,then the colors combine and turn into the color of BLACK AND WHITE!!!then all the color goes back into the world and the color ball is sealed some help,in level 4 you can get under a tree to get to the green level 5 press space to turn your magnet on and off also when you get to a 3d cube push it to the right(after you turned your magnet off)and hurry to the 3d black pad and wait.oh ya and credit to ShadowBurst for making the game named Black n White.


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