Bank Heist

By cortez250 :: Monday June 30th, 2008


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Story:Your a bank robber by the name of John Sanchez. All your life youve wanted to rob a international bank and now you have a chance. You put together a small group of bandits and now your heading to International Bank of Gold to fullfill your dream... You just arrived at the bank via your car. The bank is one of the most secure banks in the world.Across the street is a local PD so you got two choices raid the PD then attack the bank or Head straight for the Bank then Raid the PD its up to you.Be carefull the PD has patrols that will be around the primasis of the PD that could alart them of your arrival.Your men have a secure area south of your vehicle that you will go to once you get all the gold inside the bank and from the PD but there is no telling how long it will stay secure so hurry. Good luck!


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