Arcade Adventure

By creatingames :: Sunday April 21st, 2013

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So you are going on Holiday to London for four days, on the first day, you just settled in, on the second day, you went to look at the famous buildings in Westminster like Big Ben and London Eye. And the third day you went towards North London and you've now gone in to an Arcade. "What game shall I play first," you said to yourself. "Hmm. Ha, there's a new one over there." You raced your brother, Simon, to it and it said on the top 'ARE YOU READY FOR AN ADVENTURE?' you put in your 50p coin. "What does it say there?" asked Simon. "I don't know, but I'm playing first, you said. Simon pushed you towards the arcade machine and you're now in this jungle looking place. "Grab the crystal and escape," you heard. You aren't going to deny this, you know that you have to get the crystal and escape so you can get out of in this arcade machine!

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