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Review by creatingames on Saturday, December 24th 2011
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Shifting With Shadows is a game created by svsv

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Welcome to my 51st review and my 47th [MR]. Today I'll be reviewing Shifting With Shadows by svsv. Svsv recently only came back on Sploder, so I can't expect too much, but he's had great featured shooters a few months ago so I'm expecting a good game. Another thing is that svsv's featured games are all shooters which is another advantage to show that this should be a good game. Also, from the thumbnail, it seems to look like a unique style.


The game starts off with a puzzle that you can easily get trapped in. It only took me two attempts to get past it, but after that, there were a lot more of those type of puzzles. Actually, that's what the whole game is like. But anyway, I could straight away tell that this was going to be a challenging game, especially with all the traps and the fact that I only have 3 minutes to complete the game.

Shifting With Shadows is full of challenge. This game is challenging through out the whole game, meaning that you'll have to play this game many times, especially if you want to complete it. There are also a lot of traps, which is what makes the player have to start again. Challenge is the main thing in Shifting With Shadows, so make sure you don't smash your computer in to pieces. So you understand about how challenging Shifting With Shadows is, now I'm going to explain about the repetitiveness. Well svsv has used the same puzzle throughout the whole game, but that doesn't make it repetitive. Svsv has done different things with the puzzles, which keeps you playing the game. Now there isn't much I can talk about the repetitiveness, so I'm going to leave it like that. I suppose you could say that traps were repetitive, but they're like the only trap that'd suit Shifting With Shadows.

There are no enemies in Shifting With Shadows. That's actually a good thing though, otherwise the enemies will ruin the game. If there were enemies, it would cause the player to often get trapped. I think svsv could of added some hazards to step it up a bit - hot poly's would be a good idea to put in traps, then the player will be able to see the leader board and vote on the game. Maybe something different like launchers. The problem with that though is that it'll make it obvious where traps are, so maybe some mortars in the game to take away health from the player. So svsv was right not to place in any enemies, but this game could do with some hazards. Since there was no health in the game, I can't state an opinion on that. Although, if there were hazards in Shifting With Shadows, it could be a could idea to put health in traps. The reason that the placements is going to get a 3/5 is because I thought svsv could add in some hazards, but he was right to not add in any enemies.

Like I mentioned, this is a puzzle game. The same puzzle repeats for the whole game, and it involves using your memory to remember where you've been for next time you play the game. Svsv has also given me good ideas for using puzzles in shooters. It is hard to make one puzzle with just switch poly's because they get confusing, but it's amazing how svsv managed to use them for the whole game. The puzzle is just brilliant.

Last of all is the action. Addictiveness is what gives this game it's action, addictiveness. All there is only in Shifting With Shadows is the same puzzle, but what keeps me entertained is that Shifting With Shadows is addicting. There isn't anything in the game stopping you like weak blocks, which is good because it isn't needed and it'll make you get bored of the game. This isn't a game that has lots going on, it's just the addictiveness that keeps me playing.

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: _____/_____
Game Play: _____/_____
Placements: ___/_____
Puzzle: _____/_____

Overall, this game deserves a 4.5/5

Is it feature worthy?

The big question though is "Is this game feature worthy?" In my opinion, yes, it is. All the categories got a 5/5, apart from the placements, which still got a fairly high score, meaning that I think this game is feature worthy. To make it top marks though is that I think svsv should add something in to the puzzle like hazards for example. This really would step the game up and make all the categories top marks. So if svsv is to make a sequel to this, which I'd like to see, I'd like to see something in to the puzzle.

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Shifting With Shadows Reviewed by creatingames on Saturday, December 24th 2011. [MR] A Great Early Christmas Present!!! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Shifting With Shadows' by svsv. Rating: 5