Review #65 - Tower Of Dreyrule By Gamekid2011!

Review by creatingames on Monday, April 8th 2013
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Tower Of Dreyrule. is a game created by gamekid2011


Hello, and welcome to my 65th review, and today I'll be reviewing Tower Of Dreyrule by gamekid2011. I class gamekid as an above average game maker. He's talented with both the platform and 3D mission creator, and as this is a platform game, I'm expecting some good stuff. His games are normally action packed and challenging, but lets move on to the review to see if my expectations were met.


Tower Of Dreydule is a challenging puzzle platform game. It is fun and will keep you entertained throughout the whole time. Gamekid2011 made sure that his game didn't repeat things over and over again which I was glad to see. However, I did notice that the game is based around a lot of glitches, especially with some of the puzzles. Glitching slowed the game down a lot in some cases in Tower Of Dreydule which I was disappointed to see. I also noticed that there were a lot of short pathways to keys, switches, power ups etc. There was almost no point in having to collect some of those stuff because you hardly have to work hard enough to get them. Anyway, moving on to talk about the puzzle.

There was a decent amount of puzzle in Tower Of Dreyrule, although I was disappointed about them. Most of the puzzles are unoriginal and too obvious to work out. Half of them were pointless to solve because you hardly have to think to solve them. I also noticed that some of the puzzles didn't always work out to plan, which frustrated me because I had to restart the game again. That could be improved on as well. Moving on to the positive side however, this game had some challenging traps, and I also liked the fact that you didn't have to guess which switch bursts a tile and which one makes a cl0ser appear. Those sort of things annoy me. Tower Of Dreyrule also had some unexpected traps as well which I liked, which means you had to look out well. What I disliked about the traps though was that not enough checkpoints were placed in, which meant that sometimes when you respawn, you're trapped because a cl0ser was blocking a pathway. So personally, I think gamekid should have placed in some more checkpoints. Overall, the puzzles and traps were pretty average in my opinion.

Enemy placement was a bit sloppy in Tower Of Dreyrule. Sometimes, you might either land on them or they might land on you which was pretty annoying. Also, there were some very tight spaces for a couple of the enemies. For enemies like a snarley, there should be at least three blocks high, instead of just two. Some enemies were also quite easy to avoid, as well as some of the hazards. At some points, I didn't even have to use my sword to dodge an enemy without losing any health. Some hazards though were hard to avoid which I liked, which meant there was a bit of challenge. However, I did notice that some cl0sers were placed in bad positions which meant that they could slow the player down when they haven't been activated. So gamekid could have sorted that out. I felt that the placements in Tower Of Dreyrule were basic to be honest.

Tower Of Dreyrule is a very action packed game. It is also fun and is fast paced. However, there were a couple of objects that weren't needed and just slowed the game down, for example sandblocks, and I was quite disappointed with that. Overall though, I was impressed with the amount of action in Tower Of Dreyrule.

Tower Of Dreyrule is also very decorative. It has a lot of wall decoration to make the game look visually appealing. However, wall background was very sloppy at some points, for example, I noticed that there were wall backgrounds placed on top of each other, a mixture of small and large wall backgrounds, lots of empty gaps, lots of things that really made the wall background look sloppy. The scenery was pretty good though altogether. Now lets move on to the closing stages of the review.


- Very action packed and entertaining

- Decorative scenery

- Decent amount of puzzle and traps


- Sloppy placement

- Obvious and unoriginal puzzles

- Can glitch at some points

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: ____/_____
Gameplay: ___/_____
Placement: __/_____
Puzzle and Traps: ___/_____
Scenery: ___/_____

Overall, this game deserves a 3/5. Gamekid has made better games in the past in my opinion. This game is generally sloppy in a lot of cases and can glitch quite often. However, Tower Of Dreyrule is still an above average game. It is very action packed and is also challenging so it's worth giving it a go.


Tower Of Dreyrule. Reviewed by creatingames on Monday, April 8th 2013. Review #65 - Tower Of Dreyrule By Gamekid2011! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Tower Of Dreyrule.' by gamekid2011. Rating: 3