Review #66 - Gunman 0 Defying Death!

Review by creatingames on Thursday, April 18th 2013
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Gunman 0 Defying Death is a game created by shadross


Hello, and welcome to my 66th review, and today I'll be reviewing Gunman 0 Defying Death by shadross. Shadross is a fantastic game creator. He has got some amazing featured PPG's, and as this is one of them, I'm expecting another decent game from shadross. His games tend to be fun with some great graphics, but lets get on with the review to see whether or not this was another good game by shadross.


Gunman 0 Defying Death is a very challenging game. It was very unique with some very advanced gaming knowledge put in to it. I also liked how the game isn't that repetitive. It did repeat a lot of the enemies but they were put in to all sorts of challenging positions. Also, Gunman 0 Defying Death had a good choice of penalties and objectives, which made the game challenging and hard to beat. What I did notice though that there were a couple of times where I glitched out of the gamefield, and knowing shadross he probably could have sorted that out. But apart from that, the gameplay was great.

Gunman 0 Defying Death also had a variety of enemies. They all did a mixture of different things to challenge the game player. The bosses were all similar but did different things as well. You had to kill every single one but they all had different attacks for killing the player. Also, a lot of the enemies were hard to avoid, and you often had to get under light which made them harder to destroy. Overall, both the variety and placements of enemies were superb.

Gunman 0 Defying Death also had a bit of puzzle bought into it as well. You had to think about different things you had to do in order to unblock a path. You often had to get under a source of light to destroy a switch that unblocks a path. However, I was very disappointed about how straight forward the puzzles were. All you had to do was get under some light, then shoot a switch, and then a path was unblocked, which was just completely obvious. So shadross could have designed the puzzles so they were more unique. Overall though, the puzzles were good.

Gunman 0 Defying Death also had some very interesting controls. I know that they would have been complicated to make but they were still very easy to use. All you did was go around and clicking to shoot. However, there were other more advanced controls. For example, the movement of some of the enemies were designed so that they follow you etc. What I did noticed that was poorly designed was that sometimes you'd shoot under light, yet you'd still lose a bit of health for some reason. I wasn't impressed with that because it's frustrating and may even cause you to start again in some cases. Altogether though, the controls were great.

Gunman 0 Defying Death is also pretty action packed. The genre in my opinion is probably action. It is a very fun and entertaining game. What I disliked though was that sometimes you might have to wait around for some sort of block moving up and down or something, which made the game slow down a bit which was quite annoying. The action was still decent in the game though.

Lastly, I'm going to talk about the graphics in Gunman 0 Defying Death. In my opinion, the graphics were great. They were very realistic and I can tell that shadross would have spent a lot of time in to them. What I did notice though is that there was a mixture of side view and bird view graphics, which really isn't realistic. Graphics were still above average though.


- A variety of unique enemies

- Very advanced controls

- Great graphics with a lot of effort put in to them


- Straight forward puzzles

- Can be slow paced at times

- A mixture of side and bird eye view

Ratings (Out of five):

Action: ___/_____
Controls: ____/_____
Gameplay: ____/_____
Graphics: ___/_____
Placement: _____/_____
Puzzle: ___/_____

Overall, Gunman 0 Defying Death deserves a 4/5. Gunman 0 Defying Death was a great game to play. It isn't the best piece of work I've played by shadross, but it still deserves its feature. It has some great graphics and some very advanced controls, but some of the puzzles just need to be a bit less obvious. Gunman 0 Defying Death is a great game though, and you should give it a try if you haven't done so yet.


Gunman 0 Defying Death Reviewed by creatingames on Thursday, April 18th 2013. Review #66 - Gunman 0 Defying Death! - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Gunman 0 Defying Death' by shadross. Rating: 0.5